Our Firm


We are not advisory and transaction services generalists, working in many industries – or even more broadly in the healthcare industry. The mission of our firm is to facilitate activity between doctor groups and potential partners, including capital partners, and health systems. We have a deep understanding of physician practice operation, governance, cash flow, and staffing. Our understanding of the needs of the modern American physician practice make us uniquely suited to represent you. Consider choosing Paragon as a trusted advisor when you are at a crossroads, and considering the best pathway for your future.

Better deals, better options and a brighter future.


Paragon provides healthcare Advisory Services that are designed to assist physician practices in defining an array of potential strategies, and then selecting the strategy most likely to bring future success and growth. After the best strategy is selected, Paragon’s Transaction Services are designed to assist physician practices in strategy execution.


Paragon Health Capital principals are experienced in managing, growing, owning, buying, and selling medical practices. The firm has conducted physician transactions in every region of the country over the past twelve years. Because of the depth of experience working in many markets over an extended period of time, Paragon knows the elements that make for a successful transaction – as well as the potential barriers to completing a deal.


Paragon is comprised of physician executives with health system leadership experience. Additionally, its principals have experience working with private equity backed physician groups, hospital employed physicians, private practice physicians, and private equity firms. Paragon has the right mix of team members for any successful partnership.